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August 18, 2005


Hello, How do I register to Doostang?

I've read many articles about jobs & social networking. In fact that's how I ended up finding a job, and relocating from my home town in Bangor, Maine to Boston.

I graduated this year, and like all grads, you think you're on top of the world, once you get your degrees. Well Ladies & Gentleman, it did'nt quite work out that way for myself, and some friends of mines. We scouted the streets for weeks seeking gainful employment with no success. Well my girlfriend's Mom found this resource at (http://stores.ebay.com/Mass-Job-Shopper-Network )It's a place that literally does it all for you, for far less money than any company in The USA. You get professional resumes & cover letters drafted, adjusted and fit to make presentation to 100 jobs of your choice. They actually call all of these employers for you to verify hiring manager contact and position availability status. They personalize cover letters to address all 100 employers, and attach a resume. Then they fax these employers your personalized cover letters & resumes. They do it all as a package deal for jobseekers for only $27, and it does'nt matter if you're in need of an Executive Resume or standard one. The presentation, quality, and price of the package stays the same, and I kid ya not it works. Try it.

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